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Performance Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Frisco Orthopedic surgeonsWe love being an established group of orthopedic surgeons in Frisco TX because in Frisco, sports are prevalent. Whether weekend warriors, amateur athletes or professional, there is always a sporting event in Frisco. With sports comes injuries. We get a lot of calls asking when an injury requires a visit to your local orthopedic and sports medicine clinic such as Performance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. We though we would offer some advice.

First, patients who have orthopedic injuries that involve open fractures (fractures that break the skin) should go to the emergency room. For all other types of orthopedic and sports injuries, the Frisco orthopedic surgeons at Performance Orthopaedics can be your best option.  Below are some of the common injuries we treat:

Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are by far the most common type of injury we treat. Most knee injuries occur because of a sudden change in direction (pivoting, shifting, jumping) or a sudden force (stepping down from a curb or high surface, landing during a jump or fall). Patients who have a knee injury typically require an examination, usually with imaging. This allows our orthopedic specialists to diagnose knee injuries and then come up with an appropriate treatment plan. Common knee injuries include sprains, strains, and tears (cartilage and ligament).

Shoulder Injuries

Because the shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in the body, it undergoes a tremendous amount of force and rotation each day.  When the ligaments and muscles of the shoulder are overused or overstressed, painful shoulder injuries can occur.  Many of the common shoulder injuries we see are rotator cuff tears, shoulder fractures, shoulder dislocations and injuries to the soft tissue and muscles of the shoulder.

Ankle Injuries

The most common type of ankle injury we see is an ankle sprain. When the ankle is over inverted (the soles of the feet point inward) or over everted (the soles of the feet point outward), the ligaments that connect the bones of the ankle joint can be sprained. Ankle sprains are graded on an increasing severity scale of grades one to three (G1-G3). Our orthopedic surgeons will perform a proper examination to make sure the ankle is not fractured. If it is, it can be treated accordingly.

Wrist Injuries

Wrist injuries commonly occur because of landing on an outstretched arm during a fall. A wrist strain can be painful and cause swelling, bruising, and possible numbness. A fracture is painful to the touch or when trying to move. Both wrist sprains and fractures can be seen and treated at an orthopedic urgent care clinic. However, patients with open fractures should go to the emergency room.

Top Frisco Orthopedic Surgeons

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